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Horse Blogger Yard Sale Master Post


We are now open for business! If you plan on participating in the horse blogger yard sale, please submit your link below.

You don’t have to have a blog to participate; you can also enter a link for a public Facebook post, online shop, or some other way to display the items you have for sale.

As I mentioned previously, there are no real rules for the blog hop other than acting like adults – represent your things honestly, communicate clearly, and pay in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow any blog hop widgets that I can find, so we’re doing this the old fashioned way. Comment on this post with a link to your post, and I’ll list it here. Then link back to this post to get people back to the main list. I’ll keep it updated as I can – make sure you read the comments, too, in case I haven’t been able to update this post recently.

last updated 3/1 @ 12:30 am


Pony Express: Items include browbands, saddle pads, and books
Jennifer: Schleese dressage girth & Drapier saddle sheet
Equinpilot: sheets, coolers, shipping boots, saddle pads, saddle, girth
Feeding My Heart to the Hawk: Hermes Steinkraus saddle
The Feral Red Horse: saddle, blankets, bridles, bits, breeches, more
Quantum Chromatic Aberration: polos, saddle pads, gloves, bell boots, custom-made belts
The $900 Facebook Pony: bit, leathers, breeches, blanket
Dutch Run Farm: bridles, saddle, blankets, girths, more
Brittany on Facebook: breeches, girths, jewelry, half pads, huge listing
Breeches & Boat Shoes: breeches, tall boots, paddock boots, shirts
Stampy and the Brain: jackets, shirts, breeches, tall boots, paddock boots, browbands, saddle pads
Fat Buckskin in a Little Suit: saddle, girth, bridle, breeches, show coat

30 thoughts on “Horse Blogger Yard Sale Master Post

    1. Yes – and presumably/hopefully everyone who also participates will then link back to this main page. So as you see other blogs start to join in, they’ll include a link, and you can get a reminder to come back here and see what else is new. I’ll do short summaries of what’s included in each post after the link.

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  1. I have a Schleese dressage girth $125 obro and a Draper celliant technology stable sheet $175 obro. Photos of both are available, both are in very good/excellent condition…


    1. It works but you’d have to leave my blog in order to use it – WordPress doesn’t allow embedded widgets. So I could include a link to it but you’d have to go to an external site to view them all together. I did a lot of playing around and thinking and just didn’t love that idea. I’d rather list them manually.


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