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House Post: Garage!!!

Please allow me to express my true sentiments about this development.

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So, okay. It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve posted a house update. The reason for that is simple: I haven’t really had anything to update. Winter has been eating my soul. I’ve been trying to launch a small business. I had profound existential angst about the projects remaining on my plate and their current stages.

Last week, I finally snapped, and I decided to throw some money at my longest-standing project: the basement.

When last we left the basement, we had put up strapping but still needed to do the drywall. Boy, was I dreading the drywall. Unlike the vast majority of the work I do, I would need a second pair of hands. So I lagged. Ignored. Made half-assed plans to bring my dad up to keep helping.

Last week, I called a contractor. He came and scoped things out. This week, he brought a friend, and you know what? He put up the drywall in my garage.

First, some before.


And the after!




Don’t worry my car got a bath the next day. And then the day after that? IT SNOWED AND I DID NOT HAVE TO CLEAN OFF MY CAR. IT WAS CLEAN. AND WARM. GLORY HALLELUJAH.

3 thoughts on “House Post: Garage!!!

  1. That is awesome!!! It looks great and must feel like such a relief to have it complete!

    I am with you (and Teresa) on the “winter has been eating my soul”. OMG I just need warm weather and bare ground!


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