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Expectation v Reality

Me: I have my first lesson in months today! I’m going to get there an HOUR early, and put on all his Back on Track stuff, and maybe touch up his clip, and really groom him thoroughly, and give him a nice long walking warmup before the lesson even starts!

Also me: Shoot, I forgot the dog has to go out and all the pieces to the barrier that keeps her in the kitchen are in different parts of the house and how are my winter breeches missing??? It’s ok, I still have time for a few more emails while the dog is out, wait, WHAT, we got six more inches of snow and my car is covered in solid ice? I AM A TERRIBLE FAILURE AT LIFE.


I got there 30 minutes early and was still on before the lesson started, and it was superb (recap on Thursday) but oh boy, my brain. Could it maybe just not?

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