Blog Hop: Equestrian Book Collection

I have…a lot of horse books. Way too many to lay them all out neatly like you guys have. I actually took some down from the shelf to lay them out and then thought about how everything in my house is a disastrous mess and I’d have to spend 20 minutes putting them all back, so. I did not do that.

Here, have pictures of the shelves themselves. My collection is heavier on fiction than on nonfiction, and what nonfiction there is tends toward the memoir & history type than the how-to. I also have another ~20 or so on my Kindle.


Of note: the Cherry Hill books. I love them. Also that lovely old edition of Black Beauty.


The whole collection, plus the new light that I will install in the library when I have five minutes to spare. Mainly sharing for that top shelf, outer layer. Thoroughbred series, Marguerite Henry, a couple of assorted books, including The Blue Sword, Everyday Friends, and Banner Year, which are all pretty close to perfect hrose books.


Top shelf, back layer. Of note, the USPC books and Jessica Jahiel’s books, as well as my childhood copy of Black Beauty, a few Black Stallion books, and the three on the far right – 1950s horse books written for boys that I loved as a kid. I should write about them someday.

There are at least 5-10 I can think of that aren’t on these shelves, too. I need to do a thorough reorganizing of my books (I have probably ~30 in a stack by my bed alone) but the thought makes me want to go take a nap instead.

In short, I read a LOT.

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