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House Post: Garden Update

Last year, I built a raised bed for the side of the house.

This year, I started seedlings inside. Then they all died. *sad trombone*

So, I bought seedlings and while I was there I also bought this black plastic ground cover that promised me I would not have to weed. It was like $5 so I figured that was worth the experiment.

So far so good!

I may be fostering a Lord of the Flies situation among my tomatoes, though.

Coda to this story: all my seedlings have come back to life after some pretty severe benign neglect. Somehow I have to figure out what to do with 20 tomato plants and 6 pepper plants.

One thought on “House Post: Garden Update

  1. Peppers you can grow really successfully in pots! And the upside to that is that they might even survive the winter for you. Peppers are perennials in the tropics, so if you can keep them warm enough and green enough over the winter (like, indoors near a window), then you can put them back out earlier in the spring and they start to produce even sooner! I also put full size tomatoes in pots, but most people agree that only cherries do well in pots — I have a flagrant disregard for traditional advice and FUCKING LOVE TOMATOES so I do my own thing.


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