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House Goals: Year 2 Recap & Year 3 Goals

Here’s the year 1 roundup, and stating of intentions of goals for year 1. (I mark years according to when we closed on the house, not calendar years.)

So let’s recap my stated year 2 goals first:

– finish garage (and by extension, basement reorganization)

Mostly, actually – and the last of the necessary work is scheduled. I’m particularly happy with the basement reorganization.
– gut weird back room and turn it into a man cave

SO CLOSE. Just needs some touchup paint and then flooring.
– strip wallpaper and repaint: back bedroom, front bedroom, office, front hallway, nook area/game room
Back bedroom & office, check. Not on this list, but I’m halfway through the dining room.
– conserve front entryway mural

I had literally half a dozen repeats of the same “hey could you come look at my mural?” conversation with a conservator and it never happened. Does that count? Moving on to a new conservator who lives closer.
– sleeping porch: repaint, replace glass panes, finalize furniture arrangement there

Uh…I forgot this was on the list? So not a priority, probably won’t even happen year 3. We did sort of finalize the furniture, mostly by default in that I cleaned it out and am reasonably happy with what’s there, even if it is random.
– most remaining radiators stripped and repainted (will probably hold on sun room and living room for now)
…nope. Whether this happens this summer is entirely dependent on finances. I do have a better workflow for it, in that it makes more sense to do this AFTER we’ve otherwise finished the room, so that means I have three radiators that are ready to go, and maybe a fourth by the summer.
– landscaping and yard, including some raised beds for gardening

Ish? We did get the raised bed done.
– drainage work along the north side of the house to prevent flooding problems

No. 😦 This is the goal I am most frustrated about right now, and that’s saying something. We do have some concrete plans to make progress on this, as in, I’ve bought the topsoil and we have a deadline for the first part of the work based on other work, so there will be progress this summer. But ultimately we need to dig a long ditch, buy materials, and set up a french drain and I feel like it will both be intimidating and expensive.
Okay, so what about year 3 (!) goals?
– finish dining room
– finish garage
– insulate basement, garage, and crawlspace
– throw out ALL construction trash
– decorate more
– strip wallpaper, paint, pull up carpet in guest bedroom
– finish attic: paint & panel
– figure out something to do with the yard so it doesn’t look like shit constantly
– better organize library/craft room
– pull up carpet & refinish floor in back bedroom
– deal with closets

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