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House Post: Basement Organization Forever


It was not a whole lot of fun, but I did it.

So the last pieces that needed to be done were:
– flip shelving to cut through braces on the bottom
– reattach new bracing to the back
– cut down plywood to make a new top shelf
– move everything to its new position
– get all scrap lumber to appropriate (reuse, burn, dump) piles

When last I wrote about this project, here’s where I left the shelving.

So, next step, flipping it forward to cut off the bottom part, then re-attaching bracing to the back. Luckily I found some leftover pressure treated 2×2 wood that suited this part quite nicely. Unluckily, I was using these 3″ trim nails with a special star bit head and I stripped, like, three bits before I got the knack of it, sigh.

Then it got flipped right side up (okay actually let’s all be honest here: it went up and down like five times while I was doing this part because I waffled a lot on the best way to do it and spent a lot of time swearing and thinking about giving up).

I also put the last piece of back bracing on – the top shelf support against the cellar wall in the below picture.

Then, I marked up and trimmed down the plywood that had previously been on top of the shelving, in the very safest manner possible, obviously.

(still amazed there were no power tool mishaps)

(though this was the stage at which the following conversation took place)


This was the moment I finally thought “oh, wow, actually this was all worth it after all.”

While turning it I discovered a whole lot of instabilities that I hadn’t before, so after putting it into this position I spent some time putting screws ev-e-ry-where.

Then, I cleaned up some of the things you can see here in the foreground and moved over the project table to its final location.

Then I moved the leftover printer table that was getting thrown away (well, not like to the dump but it was up for the taking) to its ultimate location to begin life as a seed starting table, about which more next week.

Then I dealt with the scrap lumber, ugh.

Then I added in the organizing bins and lo, they fit perfectly, and put the first project (a coffee table that broke during the move & needs to be refinished anyway) on the big project table.

So, let’s do a before & after, shall we?

aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so much better.

9 thoughts on “House Post: Basement Organization Forever

  1. You will notice I have not ever shared pictures of my scrap wood piles. I'm going to refocus on the dining room next, but actually dealing with the scrap wood is in the cards for the next month or so.


  2. Sooooooooo true. Sometimes I leave it but then I get annoyed with myself – so I've learned to always push through and tidy up, because I'll feel like I've really, truly finished.


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