Clipping Update

Somehow, every year, I manage to make clipping my horse into some kind of saga. This year, I wavered about what kind of clip to do, and decided on Irish…sort of.

Then, when it came time to update the clip, well, this happened. I apologize in advance for the pain this video may cause.

A video posted by Amanda G. (@beljoeor) on Jan 1, 2017 at 2:40pm PST

Yeah, that was a no-go. It left poor Tris looking like he’d been chewed on by moths, and I didn’t even finish updating the whole clip. He had to live with that for a few weeks while I angsted about what to do: buy nice new clippers? get new blades for my current clippers? just get my current blades sharpened? figure out what else was wrong with the current clippers by sending them in for refurbishment? I am the queen of waffling, especially about things I was going to have to spend money on.

poor moth-eaten mustang

Then: Hannah came to the rescue! She had her old clippers still, and she brought them up to me this past weekend, and Tuesday night I tested them out AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

I swear, next I’ll work on straight lines.

So glorious that I finally got around to doing the design I’d planned on! Mixed success, since I hadn’t cut out a stencil and was sort of half-winging it. I’m still happy with it. I have some lessons learned that I can use to apply to his butt on the other side. Poor Tris was deeply wiggly by the time I got to his butt, and I decided to let him be done.

Fastest mustang alive! Like his inspiration, he also makes many bad decisions.


3 thoughts on “Clipping Update

  1. I didn't even get to clip my beasts because they grew no hair – and when I do clip, I usually go with the hair like a weirdo. I probably shouldn't be giving anyone clipping advice because I'm clearly insane.


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