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Blog Hop: Barn Bathrooms

Okay: first of all, I apologize for my weirdness but this is really truly something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Like, months. So I figured where else am I going to be weird except on my own blog?

(The answer to that is basically everywhere, those of you who have met me in person can safely confirm that, I’m sure.)

Um. Anyway.

Here’s my blog hop: what is the bathroom at your barn like?

Here’s my current barn.

It’s basically a composting toilet aka a fancy outhouse. It gets drained from time to time. On the shelf above, anti-bacterial handwash, monkey butt powder, lysol spray, and toilet paper. To the right, a mirror.
Look to the left of the toilet: yup, that’s daylight. So not heated. On the very coldest of days, it’s pretty unpleasant.
It’s not fancy, but it works. It rarely smells. It’s kept clean and neat. I’ve used many an outhouse in my life (I was a Girl Scout for a looooooong time) and this is vastly superior to all of them.
Every barn I’ve ever been at in Vermont has not had running water in the bathroom. My first barn had a porta potty outside, and if you don’t think the wind would come through that thing whoo boy. Never have I ever peed faster.
I have only experienced a flush toilet and running water at one barn, my one previous to this one. It was kind of glorious. After a 1.5 – 2 hour commute to get there, it was a lifesaver.
What about you?

11 thoughts on “Blog Hop: Barn Bathrooms

  1. I am so spoiled and I know it. Our barn put in a full bathroom in one of the lofts a couple of years ago with sink/toilet/shower, a big enough hot water tank for a shower, heat and A/C. I warm Connor's bit and my hands up under hot running water before each ride in the winter. But, for three years before we got that, we had a porta-potty outside by the indoor. That seat got COLD!


  2. I can't afford to board at barns with real bathrooms – I pee in an out-of-the-way stall. But I have worked and taken lessons at barns with real, heated bathrooms and it is GLORIOUS! Definitely jealous of those who have that luxury!


  3. We have a porta also. Sometimes I sneak into the barn manager's house and use her toilet though. I figure I'm entitled since I often check on the dogs and chickens for her when she's out picking up her kids. 🙂


  4. Our bathroom is teeny tiny, but it has a flushing toilet, a sink with hot water, and is kept heated in the winter. We give everyone warm water in the winter and the hose lives in the connected tack room this time of the year, so both rooms are kept heated to keep things from freezing. More than the toilet, just having a place to warm up is amazing!


  5. Ours is just a little half bath in the tack room. Not fancy at all, but with running hot/cold water. It's currently doing double duty as the home of all things first aid and vet supply. The highlight for me is a quote written on the door, one of many throughout the barn & supposed to be inspirational, but this one is something along the lines of “making a plan and making sh!t happen” I often wonder whether the location was accidental or intentional;)


  6. The barn I use to board at had an accessible porta-potty (the local therapeutic riding center was run out of the same barn). It was nice and roomy and actually in the barn out of the wind. We kept hand sanitizer in there along with a little light. At home, we don't have a bathroom since the house is less than 100 yards away and is our own private place.


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