Blogger Gift Exchange 2015: Outtakes

Doing anything in this house without the moral support and crucial help of the dog or the cat is impossible, and wrapping my gifts for the 2015 blogger gift exchange was no exception.

So, I present to you visual evidence of their aid, as a series of outtakes.

Anyone else have overly-helpful pets?

13 thoughts on “Blogger Gift Exchange 2015: Outtakes

  1. My dog and cat consider themselves very helpful when wrapping gifts. Maddie Cat puts herself in charge of holding down the paper and unrolling the ribbon. Stormy supervises the cat and intervenes when he feels she is not doing her job!


  2. So cute! Yep, my cat would be all over that. He regularly packs himself in my bag when I leave for work, I live in fear I'll accidentally leave/mail him off somewhere 🙂


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