2015 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange: THANK YOU!

I am behind, but I was thrilled last week to arrive home from traveling to a box on my front steps from Emma of Fraidy Cat Eventing! As soon as I saw the return address I laughed pretty hard: it was a heck of a coincidence for us to draw each other as Secret Santas. 🙂
A lovely card with a very sweet note.

Really adorably wrapped things!
YES. There is no such thing as too many hand warmers. It’s going to be below zero today, perfect timing!

I laughed and laughed. Emma’s card said that the bottle opener on the other end was for if I found anything worth drinking about in Tristan’s stupid food. That is almost a certainty. I’m going to keep a Woodchuck in my tack trunk from now on in anticipation, especially now that I have the right tools.

True story: I have used the same exact brushes with Tristan for 10 years. It’s definitely time for an upgrade and this is a really lovely brush.

I just had to show how cute the wrapping was on this.

Another winter necessity! ❤ Practical and horsey and a bit indulgent, perfect. (Considering my usual lip balm is "whatever I got as a freebie at the last professional conference I attended" and I have to use it pretty much constantly from October – May…)
Thank you, Emma, for the lovely gifts, and to Tracy as always for organizing!

8 thoughts on “2015 Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange: THANK YOU!

  1. yay i'm so glad you like it all!!!! i had a lot of fun picking it out (tho not so much the 'hm if i'm freezing my butt off what might i really want to have' part – not ready to freeze yet!). also hope that the woodchuck in your tack trunk goes unopened for a verrrrry long time 😉


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