blog roundup

Weekly Blog Roundup

Happy weekend, welcome to the blog roundup for the week!

3rd Annual Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange from Fly On Over
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Mountain Trail Adventures from Pony Express
Holy shit that looks like a ton of fun.

An Equestrian Thanksgiving Table from If The Saddle Fits
I am focusing more on bathroom renovations than I am on dinner table decorations but I loooooove these!

Motivate Me Wednesday; How to stop being a people pleaser from Viva Carlos
This is really, really good.

DIY: Dyeing a Saddle from The $900 Facebook Pony

Things You Should Never Take for Granted as a Rider from The Legal Equestrian
…what. Not only would I not take these things for granted, I doubt I will ever do any of them even once. Maybe #4, but not likely in a horse that I own.

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