can i go back to bed now?

Except I don’t even know what this is karma for…

Thing the first:

Got a call from the barn manager yesterday while I was on a work conference call. Tristan went out for turnout, rolled, and stood up lame on his RF. Mild swelling in the fetlock, a teensy bit up into the tendon sheath, no heat except the barn manager thought she might have felt a bit of heat at the coronet band. They iced and buted. I worked until 11pm.

I’m back at work this morning and waiting for an update. I’ll cold hose tonight.

Fingers crossed he just tweaked something.

Thing the second:

Please respect my pain and do not post any pictures of yourself doing the following: wearing t-shirts, riding your horses outside, bareheaded, wearing cute sandals, or with any green in the background.
fuck everything.

9 thoughts on “Except I don’t even know what this is karma for…

  1. Ugh. I feel your pain. Would it help to hear I just received an $800 bill for snow removal? Yeah, Mother Nature was a B*tch this year!

    Fingers crossed your pony feels better soon!


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