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Weekly Blog Roundup: Saturday, December 2, 2017

As promised, an extra long blog roundup this week to make up for skipping last week to focus on small businesses!

First, though, this week’s shop highlight is this awesome donut saddle cover. Click on the picture to see the listings, or head to the shop to see all the listings.


Saddle Fitting Basics from Hand Gallop
Always useful information, and this is clearly explained.

Trail Pony Deluxe from Pony Express
So. Freaking. Cool.

A discipline you would like to do that you’ve never done before from Clover Ledge Farm
I an genuinely agog at how many different types of riding are showcased here.

Take this Waltz from Peace & Carrots
This is an absolutely lovely rumination on the “right” horse.

Paying a Trainer from Not So Speedy Dressage
I am a huge advocate for having honest, straightforward conversations with trainers about your expectations and goals.

Rider’s To Do List from The Printable Pony
LOVE THIS. Free downloadable planning form!

Viva Carlos Product Review: Herbal Horse Quick Heal from Viva Carlos
This stuff looks amazing.

The Trailering Debacle from A Collection of Madcap Escapades
Don’t read this if you are faint of heart about trailering, but if you do want a well-told story with a good ending and some valuable lessons learned, I highly recommend it.

The Story of My C2 Rating (or How I Knocked an Examiner Down) from A Enter Spooking
I laughed really, really hard. We’ve all been there.

Tour of Hagyard from Contact
SO COOL. A tour of Hagyard has definitely gone on my visit-Lexington list!

These look great, and there’s a giveaway too!

Clinic/Lesson Organizing from Project Gingersnap
Anyone have advice to share?

Always (Nameplate Debate) from Peace & Carrots
Do you like nameplates? If so, how do you use them?

Rider Review: Lund Saddlery Stirrup Leathers from Equestrian at Hart
These look droolworthy!

thoughts on the new eventing dressage tests from ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing
Really good detailed analysis.

Horse Hubby (or HSO) Basics aka Farm Life Hacks from the Jumping Percheron
Take note, horse husbands of the world!

Introducing Taiga from In Omnia Paratus

Attempted Artist from Riding to B
As someone who cannot draw anything, I love these simple line drawings.

The Challenge: 3 Year Plan from A Gift Horse
This lines up so perfectly with my life right now and is just lovely and thoughtful.

This is so, so, so important to know about.

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Small Business Saturday Roundup

First, I would be remiss if I did not link to my own shop, Bel Joeor Metier. Looking for a great barn gift for the holidays? All saddle covers are 10% off, and everything else is 10% off with the code OPENING2017.


Small Business Saturday Roundup

Arias Whips – wholly customized racing and eventing whips, made by a former jockey (Recommended by  non-blogging friend.)

The Herbal Horse – “Harley and I wouldn’t survive without “Be Calm” and I love the coat conditioner spray for taming blanket static in the winter.” (Recommended by EquiNovice)

Uniquely Equine – customized halters (Recommended by Viva Carlos)

Galloping Graphics – “Simple, affordable, customized graphics. They’ve really broadened their scope in the past couple of years and everything they produce is really cute.” (Recommended by The Owls Approve)

Because Pony Holiday Cards – adorable corgi and Haflinger themed images. (Recommended by me)

The Artful Equine – lovely housewares, in particular the dish towels (Recommended by a non-blogging friend.)

Relatively Stable – monograms & custom stickers (Recommended by Viva Carlos)

Dark Jewel Designs – gorgeous, customized browbands (Recommended by Clover Ledge Farm)

Dapplebay – clever equestrian apparel (Recommended by non-blogging friend.)

Arctic Horse Gear – riding skirts for all weather! (Recommended by Because Pony.)

The Printable Pony – organizing essentials and clever patterns (Recommended by loads of you.)

Gray & Company Design – all sorts of really lovely custom products (Recommended by Viva Carlos)

Last but not least, I would be remiss if I did not link to this: 2017 Black Friday Sales from The $900 Facebook Pony. Many of the sales here are from small businesses.

Happy shopping!

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Weekly Blog Roundup for Saturday, November 17, 2018

This week’s featured product from my Etsy shop!

And as a reminder, you can sign up to get these blog links in your email on Friday afternoon.

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HOW YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A HEART HORSE from Three Day Adventures with Horses

LandSafe Clinic – Day 1 & LandSafe Clinic – Day 2 from DIY Horse Ownership
I loooooooove these clinics and these are terrific recaps.

THE UNICORN LIST V2 from The Printable Pony
Horse shopping is so hard.

Lund Saddlery Calfskin Stirrup Leathers Review from Patently Bay
Lund is getting a lot of attention right now, and these leathers look gorgeous.

I need to do my own version of this…

Equestrian gifts for under $20 from Hand Gallop
A really great list, and I’m not just saying that because my own things are on there.

Dante and the vacuum from Viva Carlos
Horse vacuum = living the dream.

Best of HN: This OTTB’s Second Career in Horseback Hawking is #Goals from Eventing Nation

Horse Hunters Episode 1 & Episode 2 from DIY Horse Ownership
Goooooorgeous farms. I covet.

Product Review: Dublin Performance Tights from Journey with a Dancing Horse
Color me intrigued. I was sold at “fleece lined,” tbh.

58 Equestrian Gifts under $25 from The Printable Pony
Awesome list!

Grids and Gymnastics from In Omnia Paratus
Pole grids are my jam, especially in winter.

Half Halts and Forward from Not So Speedy Dressage
I struggle with half halts and keeping forward, so this was good to think about.

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Small Business Saturday Suggestions?

Your input eagerly sought!

I’d like to put together a list of equestrian-related businesses for people to shop from this coming Small Business Saturday.


Do you have a favorite small equestrian business? Please comment below with its name and website, and maybe a line or two about why you love it!

Saturday’s links roundup will be entirely small business related. (Blog links will be held for the following week.)

Comment below, please!

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Weekly Blog Roundup

The Audacity of a Plan from ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing
I like this. Good argument in favor of planning, lots of things for me to absorb personally.

The Hounds are Blessed from Equine Ink
Looooooove blessings of the animals. This is a nice horsey twist.

Product Review, Big Dee’s padded halter and lead from Weanie Eventer
No such thing as too many halter reviews. They get trashed so regularly that I replace them more than almost any other piece of equipment, so I always have my eye on what’s next.

How to Mount Things in Your TrailerProduct Review: The Organized Barn and Trailer HOSS System from Cob Jockey

GFPC Fun Show: Wyatt from The Roaming Rider
So cute. Sooooooooo cute!

Charles de Kunffy Clinic Notes from The $900 Facebook Pony
Really good notes, and some things I’m going to be thinking about for my next dressage ride.

Show Season by the Numbers from Pony Express
All the data!

DIY: How to Make a Roll Top Horse Jump from DIY Horse Ownership
I made a roll top with Pony Clubbers once. It was hugely rewarding, if a lot of work!

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Weekly Blog Roundup

Gratuitous self-linkage time: here’s one of the bags from my new Etsy store! Click on the picture to go to its listing.

WPRA World Finals from The South Dakota Cowgirl
Whole ‘nother world from my usual, but so cool.

Blog Hop: My First Horse from Pony Express
The story and the pictures = ❤

My definition of a heart horse from The Jumping Percheron
This is just wonderful.

Cold Hands from The Feral Red Horse
Ah, winter gloves, the perennial thorn in my side.

An Infographic View of the Year of Photography from The House on the Hill
What a cool way to display your progress!

Registry Choices from Hand Gallop
I loved reading and thinking about this, since it’s not a problem I expect to ever personally encounter.

In memory of Andromaque from Eventing Nation
I loved her. I saw her go at Bromont. What a terrifically game little mare. I was so hoping to see more of her foals.

Day 01: When and Why You Started Riding from Fat Buckskin in a Little Suit
Super cool new blog hop from Clover Ledge Farm, and a really good post entry.

On the Injured List from PONY’TUDE
Gnarly injury photos + story ahead.

A Horse Called Bast from Guinness on Tap
We do so agonize over names!

Small Business Spotlight & Giveaway: Two Socks Designs from The $900 Facebook Pony
Some very cool products and a great giveaway – check it out!

EV114: dressing for eventing dressage from Hand Gallop
SUPER useful!

blog roundup

Weekly Blog Roundup

Really great assortment of reading this week!

I’m considering doing a blog highlight each week; if you reach out to me and describe your blog and share your 3 favorite posts, I’ll put it up top in this post. Does that sound like it would be appealing, both to read and to submit your own info? Let me know!
Canyon Fire 2 Horse Evacuation Story from Saddle Seeks Horse
There are so many awful things going on right now, and reading this made them hit particularly close to home. I teared up a few times reading it. I’m so glad everyone was ok.

The Lone Survivor from Not So Speedy Dressage
If you want to learn more about barns that haven’t been as fortunate in the California fires, and how you can help, read this.

The Biggest Change in My Riding from The Roaming Rider
I looooooove this. It’s something I struggle with more or less constantly. I am too reactive in the saddle.

Lauren Billys Collecting Supplies for Puerto Rico’s Horses from Eventing Nation
Puerto Rico is another of those horrible ongoing disasters. Here’s how you can help the horses there.

Yep, I’m Crazy from Cob Jockey
I…kind of love this trailer? I would never have thought I would, but! It looks awesome!

Horse Trailer Insurance from Cob Jockey
I learned things reading this, and I thought I was as obsessive as it’s possible to be about horse trailers.

Well that dream died a quick death from The Roaming Rider
As you can guess from the title this isn’t exactly a happy post – but it is informative and good to think about what happens when plans fall through.

Figuring out a Gym Schedule from A Enter Spooking
Ugh. Linking this for my own personal motivation. I’m still eating well but my exercising has been shit lately.

Printable Pony Rebrand from The Printable Pony
I’ve long admired this small business; go check out their new website!

Blog Hop: Truck and Trailer Set Up from Hand Gallop
This is so freaking cool I am speechless.

The Hexagon Leg Yield from Dotstream
Whooooooa I love this.