blog roundup

Weekly Blog Roundup

Kinda short and sweet this week.

What is hot? from The Repurposed Horse
An endlessly fascinating debate for me; I have for most of my life preferred kick rides, but I’m starting to want something with more natural GO.

Frugal October from A Gift Horse
I know these feels all to well.

10 Great Things About Boarding from Oh Gingersnap
YES to all of these. I love my barn.

Gone to Ground: Hunt Recap from PONY’TUDE
siiiiiigh. Living the dream!

Buyer Beware from The $900 Facebook Pony
The equestrian version of the Craigslist rental scam…

Grooming essentials from Beyond the Shedrow
I often think I fall onto the minimalist end of this spectrum, so it’s always interesting to me to read what other people use.

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