2014 roundup

2014 in Review, Part 1

Yeah, I’m way behind, but my pony is broken at the moment so I have time to regale you all with the roller coaster of our 2014.

First things first, wow, I posted 375 times in 2014. That’s a lot. Yikes. I can’t figure out whether I’m proud or apologetic. I do love writing here, and my happiest rhythm is one or two posts a day, but maybe that’s too often? Any thoughts?


January started really effing cold. I got some excellent things for Christmas, and I went to the GMHA Sleigh Rally. We dealt with some eye problems, which would become a running theme. To distract me from the weather, I daydreamed about what I would do with $100,000. I gave a tour of my barn as part of a blog hop. I threw a small tantrum about dressage salutes, and did a foot progression collage of Tristan’s foot disaster. I took you all on a tour of my childhood bedroom, and did an overview of reading BLM freezebrands.

Bottom line: it was really cold, and I didn’t ride a lot, so I blathered on about many other horse-related things.


Things got warmer, so we took a few lessons, and worked on counterflexion. I played around with color schemes. I cut my hand on a broken glass and was sidelined for most of the month – I couldn’t hold the reins, so we did a lot of free longeing. Tristan was featured on Transformation Tuesday at She Moved to Texas, which was really cool.


March started off really, really cold, double digits below, so I was stuck doing more general writing. I talked about my struggles with gout, and then when it warmed up we finally started hacking out again. We celebrated one year post-surgery. We also started lessons again, and got some good work in the canter. I pondered spring shots. I did a review of the bits I’ve used with Tristan, and then Tris got his teeth floated along with his spring checkup.


Snow finally started to melt, so we headed out for more road hacks, and even more. Tristan started on Pentosan, and it made a huge difference for him. I got my trailer inspected and Tristan’s saddles fitted, in preparation for the summer. We got a puppy!


I recapped our first event ever, and went to Everything Equine. I crewed for Hannah at the VERDA Bare Bones LD, which was an eventful day that involved hours and hours of looking for an escaped Tucker in the woods but thankfully ended well. I also got engaged, huzzah for that.


Not all that much happened, horse-wise, in June. I had a massive work event at the end of the month that basically ate my soul. I talked about my superstitions that related to Tristan, and he went into training with the assistant trainer, which worked out beautifully.

2014 roundup

My 10 Favorite Posts in 2014

We’ll call this a 2014 review, after a fashion. I thought I’d go back over my archives and pick my top 10 favorite posts – which ones I thought were well-written, informative, fun, significant, you name it. So here we go; in no particular order.

1. Bits I Have Loved
An overview of all the different bits Tristan has gone in over the years, and why.

2. How to Identify and Read a Bureau of Land Management Freeze Brand
I did a lot of research and reading to write this, and I’m pleased with it. It’s also one of the posts that gets search hits from time to time. I wrote it after realizing there wasn’t a good comprehensive article out there that put all of this information together.

3. Green Mountain Horse Association Sleigh Rally
What a fun day – so many gorgeous horses and sleighs, so many picture opportunities. One of my top 5 most-read posts on this blog.

4. Breyer Stablemate Custom Painting
I am the least artistic person in the whole world, so I was proud of this all out of proportion with its actual importance.

5. Product Review: SmartPak’s SmartBlanket App
This post got me mentioned on a Stuff Riders Say SmartPak video and made me briefly internet famous. Okay, not even briefly, and not even a little bit famous. But I actually do still really like the app, had fun writing this, and was totally surprised at the recognition I got for it.

6. DIY Project: Custom Quarter Sheet
I still use this quarter sheet all the time, and love it. Thrilled with how it turned out.

7. Fall Trail Ride at Groton State Forest
Hands-down one of my favorite horse memories of the entire year, and I loved getting to share so many photos of just how beautiful Vermont can be.

8. How to Re-Waterproof a Turnout Blanket
I’m happy that I got this huge project out of the way and that I did a pretty good (imho) tutorial as I went along. It’s gotten a bunch of hits, too.

9. Pony Pulling at the Tunbridge World’s Fair
I can’t even properly express how much fun this was. The videos in this post don’t quite do it justice, but they’re still awesome. Another great horse memory of 2014.

10. RTR Blog Hop: Superstitions
So often the blog hops are fun, informative, and quirky, but this one really struck a chord with me. I got to share something really personal about the way I think about Tristan and it seemed like people really responded.

So, there you have it! There are definitely more I could’ve chosen, but these rose to the top. Do you have a favorite post that you wrote in 2014?