Well, that escalated quickly

So when we left it, I was waiting for the results of Tristan’s specialty radiology consult.

Consult is in and the diagnosis is clear: Tristan has a keratoma growing at the site of the old surgery on his coffin bone.

I guess the good news is that it’s a clear and unequivocal diagnosis with a straightforward path.

The bad news, however, is that it will require surgical removal. The news that actually made me burst into a short bout of mildly hysterical laughter was that he has to go to New Bolton for the surgery.

See, there’s a surgeon there that my vet has worked with who is spectacular at this work, and has pioneered a new way of doing this surgery that goes in through the hoof wall in conjunction with a CT scan of the hoof. It can be done under sedation with a local block, standing, and heals faster, more cleanly, and is more precise. All of that is exactly what you want with a 27 year old horse.

All good things. That require me to get him to a vet hospital 7.5 hours away. I know, some of you out there are thinking “I travel that far just to school XC!” Consider that in New England, an hour in any direction puts us in a new state and/or country.

The rule, though, is that he gets whatever he needs (and the vast majority of what he wants). So the surgery is scheduled for February 1, as of right now. I have to spend the next few days calling every shipper I can find to see if any of them will take my horse to Pennsylvania in the middle of winter. (If you have any ideas at all, please reach out!)

It’s never dull around here. At least I can still wrap a foot like nobody’s business.

6 thoughts on “Well, that escalated quickly

  1. I’m so sorry to hear Tristan needs surgery, and even more sorry that it involves so much travel ugh. New Bolton is an incredible place tho. We are lucky that it’s “local” so our horses routinely go there for more basic stuff like specialty farrier services. Charlie has had surgery there, as have many other horses in my barn, and I’ve been up more often than I’d prefer just helping transport friends for appts or urgent care. It’s a good spot, Tris will be in good hands. Good luck getting it figured out, and if you find yourself coming down to the area with him feel free to reach out fraidycat.eventing at gmail


  2. Shit! I’m glad you have a plan and a diagnosis but I sure wish it was one that didn’t require 15 hours of shipping. Good luck with it all, I’ll be thinking of you!


  3. Oh no. Glad it will be in good hands but at the same time- the drive from MA to PA sucks as a passenger personally- can’t imagine from where you are there in a trailer- let alone the shipping costs if you don’t drive. But he’d be in very good hands- I have a friend who works on rotation there and I hear lots of good things from people in the area as well as her. Sending you all the luck and good vibes!


  4. Oh man! That blows. Or doesn’t I guess which is the problem…
    As for a shipper, maybe look up Rick Ramos on Facebook. He’s wonderful and travels around New England/New York a fair amount. I believe he’s from New Jersey. He shipped Shiny home to me when I bought her. He may be booked up going to Florida this time of year, but you never know.
    I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys! My friend’s horse who is only slightly younger than Tristan did well with Keratoma surgery if that helps at all.


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