2023 Goals

Well, it’s that time. I’m turning 40 this spring, and that simple fact is doing quite a number on my brain. I’ve been thinking about this year’s goals for a few weeks now, reviewing what has worked in the past, reflecting deeply on values and what I want out of my life. Some things are still up in the air, but I feel more equipped than ever to work through them.

2023 energy: “just tried really hard to buck you off but had to settle for being a rockstar instead”

Obviously, I have loads of goals, but for this blog’s purposes, I’ll highlight a few of them. (I already talked a little bit about them last week.)

Write more.

  • blog every week (aiming for Wednesdays)
  • publish at least two articles
  • start drafting the Morgan book


  • log every ride
  • hit goal of $X in farm saving fund (currently at 67.5% of that goal)
  • get more fit – get back to CrossFit 2x a week


  • begin downstairs bathroom renovation
  • organize & weed attic
  • improve Etsy shop numbers over 2022

In addition, I’ve set up a tracker of things I want to do every week. The idea is that active practice on a regular basis will more fully incorporate those things that I value into my life.

So, the categories of things that I will work on every week are: Tristan, writing, researching, CrossFit, house, and democratic organizing.

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