House Post: Back Bedroom Changeup

Well, the Etsy business shows no slowing down anytime soon, and it has completely taken over the library. Given that the point of building out the library was, you know, books, I have finally talked my husband into changing the back guest bedroom into a craft room.

The plan is that everything will be semi-temporary and can be folded up and packed away, and the bed re-assembled, if we anticipate guests enough to need a second guest bedroom. Before COVID, that happened 2-3 times a year for skiing or hiking weekends with friends. Since then, only once.

Here’s a before & an in between:

I have ordered some things – I found a nice folding corner desk that will hold both the sewing machine and the embroidery machine – and am holding off on others.

This week, I am signing a contract to have the linoleum underneath the carpet tested for asbestos. It’s not quite the right style or era, but better safe than sorry.

Depending on how that comes back, we will decide on a plan for getting it all up. The linoleum is glued down to the original hardwood, so the task will be to rip up the carpet, scrape off the linoleum, and then refinish the hardwood.

Refinishing the hardwood will involve both the usual steps of sanding and restraining, but also a process to match the hardwood in other rooms, since we know it runs throughout the house, and we also know we will be due for refinishing the entire downstairs someday.

Because of those complications, it’s likely that we’ll just outline the project and schedule it for someday in the future when I have some Etsy downtime (ha).

Changing up the room will also involve organizing the closet and maybe building in some shelving to deal with the fabric storage situation.

Yeah, it’s out of control. When I took this picture there were another 10+ bolts out of frame and another 5 or so in the library waiting to be cut. And this is actually at an ebb – I used up a LOT over the holidays, and will probably order ~100 yards next time there is a good sale on solid colors.

In short, this has become a proper business!

3 thoughts on “House Post: Back Bedroom Changeup

  1. Sounds like a good plan to reno the spare bedroom…although the glue on the old hardwood sounds like a nightmare! And, I love the buffalo check fabric – might have to head over to etsy!!! 😉


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