2022 Goals

Last year, I didn’t set goals, really. I mean, I set some down on paper, in the real world, but I didn’t dig deeply into them. I hit maybe 3/4 of them, and the remaining 1/4 on review were either stretch goals for the sake of stretch goals or not the right direction. I’m fine with that.

My 2020 goals were deeply mixed, as I’m sure was the same for a lot of people.

Here I am, in the beginning of 2022, returning to a more traditional goals post, however. I found that it was good to give my brain the year off, but that now I want some more focus again. I’ve written quite a few goals out by category, and am not sharing all of them here. (Not least because you come here for horses and sometimes books and my house, not for my day job or my increasingly-busy political work.)

So: what’s on tap for 2022:


  • blog once a week
  • take 30 lessons
  • read 5 horse books
  • purge horse stuff
  • hit someday savings goal [amount not disclosed, a fund that could cover truck/trailer/next horse]


  • finish nook room
  • finish last guest bedroom
  • scope out downstairs bathroom project
  • work on sun room windows
  • organize tools

Bel Joeor Metier

  • achieve some level of growth over 2021
  • sponsor 3 shows or riders
  • sell in-person at least once
  • conduct a full inventory of fabric
  • buy supplies with more intentionality

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