New Halter Reveal

First of all: THANK YOU to everyone who provided advice and expertise on my request for a custom halter for Tristan for Christmas. I spent a loooooooooong time on every single website or supplier that everyone suggested, tweaking and poking and trying to get things just right.

In the end, I ordered a halter from the Tack Shop of Ocala, because it got me the closest to what I had imagined. Everywhere else was missing one item from the list.

I ordered their “custom padded show halter” even though it will be his everyday turnout halter because fuck it, he’s 26 and I wanted it and I’m past “saving” things. Fancy halter for turnout it is!

I got 3/4″ black leather with dark gray padding, chrome hardware, and a chrome nameplate with “Tristan” in their Minion font.

I was back and forth on padding before ordering, and then even after. I lived through the “white padding on everything” phase of 2005 – 2008, and I definitely owned a white padded black halter for him at one point. But I didn’t want this halter to pop too much, or to look too out of date. Honestly, if I could have ordered the halter without padding, I probably would have. (And yeah, I probably could have, but laziness kicked in at the last moment.)

It arrived late last week (so about a 3 week turnaround, pretty darn good) and I could not possibly be more delighted with it.

So, the great reveal:

And you know what? After all that back and forth about the padding, it looks terrific. With the 3/4″ width it’s pretty small, and the dark gray is really subtle and just sort of adds depth to the halter without jumping out at it.

I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it already, and it makes me really happy to see on him. I’m thrilled.

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