House Post: Window Deconstruction

I’ve made a few oblique mentions in the past to our looming window project, and it’s finally time to start addressing it.

We have about 45 windows in the house, spread across two floors, the basement, and the attic. Every single one needs attention of some kind. I’ve known this since we moved in. All of the windows are original to the house (or more accurately to the construction of some pieces of the house; they are of different eras depending on additions).

A short list of known problems includes missing or damaged caulking around the storm windows, missing or damaged glazing, broken panes, broken sash cords, missing sash weights, open & uninsulated cavities, and a wide variety of paint issues on the windows, the sills, and the framing.

Last weekend, my father-in-law was visiting and we spent about six hours making preliminary investigation on our windows. My goal was simply to figure out how to take them apart, because that is the first step to addressing all of the other problems. While we were working, we also replaced the sash cords on the window, since three out of four were broken and the fourth was old and brittle.

I don’t expect that future windows will take six hours to take apart; we were moving slowly and deliberately in order to figure out the puzzle and make sure we could get it back together.

So now I have a roadmap forward. Next summer – when we can have the windows open or missing for a time – we will start with the sunroom windows, which face the elements the most and have taken a beating. If I can get the 8 windows in that room finished next summer, I’ll be happy.

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