House Post: Porch Roof Updates

Honestly, between the 30% increase in material costs and the endless rain, we picked exactly the wrong moment to do this project, but…at least it’s getting done? Sigh.

Anyway, progress! In between rain.

First, the contractor pulled out the old fascia/trim to get a look at things and to match the trim (which is matched around the house and part of the original look).

Then it rained for a very long time and we had to wait for a stretch of 2-3 days without rain to do the next stage: removing the old roof.

Actually, turns out, removing three old roofs. Yeah. There were two other layers of roofing underneath that top standing seam metal roof. FFS. Another layer of stamped tin and another layer of verrrrrrry old asphalt shingles. So all of that went! Back down to the joists, and then starting over with proper new sheathing and proper underlayers.

The angle of this photo makes it look like the roof is flat; I promise, it has angle!

Then he ripped out more of the fascia part and sistered in better supports, because the whole roof was sagging a bit too much, yikes.

Some of the not great underneath.

Then it rained for five more days.

And as of today, we have some of the roofing back on! More next week with the hopefully final project.

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