Spring 2021 Cushings Update

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so it’s due!

Generally, actually, it’s a no news is good news situation. Tristan continues to maintain quite happily on one Prascend a day and some careful attention to diet.

Last week, we pulled blood for a ACTH test to check his levels and make sure we were on track.

Pretty much perfect!

He continues to be largely fine, symptom-wise; he shed out just fine this year, and is transitioning on to grass right now with no problems.

He is still showing some immune weakness, but it’s tough to say what is Cushings and what is just old horse. Over the weekend, he got quite a few black fly bites on his sheath and reacted badly to that, swelling up fairly dramatically. That’s a first for him! Some cold hosing and application of Swat has brought it mostly back down.

I am in a hell phase at work, so not riding a whole lot; he is getting longed occasionally and enjoying turnout.

Tomorrow, he gets his hocks injected for the first time – that’s our second reason for pulling his ACTH levels, to make sure those were controlled to help decide his injection cocktail. Fingers crossed for a return to work this week with bionic hocks – I am excited!

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