House Post: Sleeping Porch Update

(I wrote this quite a while ago, as you can see from the snow in the photos, and am trying to clear it out of the queue!)

Well, we have a verdict about the sleeping porch, as discussed previously.

It’s a middle-of-the-road diagnosis.

We definitely need a new roof; not unexpected.

The trim definitely needs to be replaced; again, not expected. (Contractor said he was putting 4″ screws in to re-attach the failing trim that’s there and only getting bite at the very end, yikes.)

The good news is that the contractor is pretty sure the roof joists themselves are okay, and it’s a job he can handle himself, and he’s already given us a reasonable quote for it.

So, we’re talking schedule this now – for the summer. Stay tuned for many photos of that rebuild. Once those issues are taken care of, we can pivot to an interior repaint and perhaps do something about the windows. (It’s possible one of the reasons they’re so tough to open now is that the roof is sagging and weighing down on the windows juuuuuust enough to make them sticky, since they slide sideways to open.)

While the contractor was working on his proposal for the porch, he also tackled another small exterior project: replacing a rotting soffit board on the back addition.

The view out my office window earlier this week
Gutter going back up!

I’m pleased to finally be tackling some structural problems, and to have found a contractor that I like to work with after so many years.

We’re also starting to lay out the next projected work; beyond the roof, in the next 2 years we’ll be looking at an exterior repaint, the final interior cosmetic work, a new downstairs bathroom, and perhaps some foundation work. Yay, old houses…

4 thoughts on “House Post: Sleeping Porch Update

  1. Ugh, the type of money that is so essential to spend, but also boring. That’s a big yikes about the extent of the rot! I hope the repairs go smoothly with no surprises.


    1. I think honestly roofs might be the epitome of necessary-but-boring. Except maybe only foundation work, which we are also due for in the not-too-distant future…


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