2021 Goals

I am torn between two paths right now.

One: would I even be me without 2021 goals and plans?

Two: 2020 was just fucked all around and so many things fell through, is the lesson maybe fewer goals for 2021?

I have a couple of ideas, and obviously my own 2020 goals ended okay. I also have things I want to do in 2021 and it feels like giving in to write off a second year entirely.

Anyone else stuck in this place? What’s your path forward? Do you have any goals in particular for 2021 that you’re committing to?

9 thoughts on “2021 Goals

  1. I am focusing on amping up the writing hard core, including buying ads and actively campaigning for awards. I have the backlist and am pushing it. But I’m also going to expand my branding to include “horses in my science fiction, damnit!”


  2. I’ll completely stuck! I learned this year that my goal setting is totally out of touch with my lifestyle. I haven’t looked at my 2020 goals list but it’s probably going to read like a wish list. So much of what I want to do is superceded by what NEEDS TO BE DONE. High priority is less important than EMERGENCY if you will.

    So I’ll need to think on how to reorient from that this year and still have plans for myself.


  3. I never do goals, much less type them out for the world to see. Every single time that I have done that, without fail, I have jinxed myself.

    I used to be a shitty runner because I’d be focused on how long it would take me to finish the run or the race or whatever. I’d kill myself trying to get to that real or imaginary finish line and not make it to the end. Or I’d make it and then feel like crap after I had reached the end. Running became a whole lot more fun when I started focusing on how my body felt, the sights around me, and the process of reaching that imaginary finish line. It has been a good life lesson…I guess you could say it’s yet another application of “wait for the jump.” 🙂 I function better by setting my sights on something, telling no one, and then just focusing on every step of the way I need to complete in order to make it to that final destination. This year has been an exceptional lesson in adaptability and learning to live in flux and weirdly…it has brought me the most peace I have felt since I can remember.

    My one concrete goal for 2020 was to set a state powerlifting record and…I did it. I did it in February instead of August (!!) as I’d originally intended to do, because back in December 2019 this gut feeling told me that I should go for that record *now.* I had had my sights set on just traveling more this year and doing fun stuff with Carlos (we had discussed Tulum vs Bali, done the research and then released it into the Universe to see what would happen.) We didn’t get to travel one bit, but have instead discovered a safe world of outstanding beauty within a 5 mile radius of where we live that we had no idea existed. I am a monster control freak who loves her routines and I am so proud of myself for discovering an ability to **flawlessly** adapt to the ever-changing threat of the pandemic. And I think any person who made it this far in one piece in this giant shitshow of a year should be immensely proud of themselves too. ❤ That includes you, my friend.


  4. I’m on the fence for 2021 goals – I have a few personal things I want to achieve and should be able to do that with or without a pandemic (ie – fitness, work, etc.) I might focus on that instead of big horse goals…cause who knows how that will all shake out in 2021!


  5. I’m unpacking 2020 tomorrow and then setting goals and intentions for 2021 after I’ve done that. I’ve already made the decision to probably not “go public” with them this upcoming year though. Maybe pieces, maybe once they’re complete, but I just don’t have it in me to put something out into the public sphere right now.


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