I’m going to hijack for a moment for something very mildly political, but directly relevant to both your life and mine.

You may have heard or seen about the Trump administration’s attempts to dismantle the United States Postal Service. President Trump has directed the Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy (appointed because he donated a great deal of money to Trump’s campaign) to cut back or end major pieces of the Post Office’s service. Trump has stated publicly and explicitly that this is because he does not want voting by mail to be possible. There are also other possible reasons related to DeJoy’s investment in paid shipping services, general fuckery with government, and more.

Whatever your political leanings, a reliable postal service is essential to both democracy and a functioning economy.

Want an example? Here’s a package that I mailed for my Etsy shop on July 30, to an address in Ohio.

I pulled this information on Monday 8/17, which means that this package has now gone two days without even a checkin. It was sent First Class mail, which is usually 3-5 days at most to cross the entire country. You will note, as you go through that list, that this package went from New Hampshire to Ohio, then to Virginia, then back to Ohio, then disappeared for 5 days, then went…somewhere…and is still “in transit.”

My business, which supports my horse expenses and frankly a bunch of my groceries, cannot survive if this is what shipping via USPS looks like. I can bust my ass as much as I want, getting orders out as fast as I can (this particular one was sent 7 days before its listed ship time; I try to always get things out early!) and if the USPS is not functioning, it does not matter.

The idea that I can pay a relatively small amount of money (under $5, usually), put something in a box, and have it appear in someone else’s box halfway across the country a few days later is amazing. And it has worked really well for OVER TWO CENTURIES. The USPS is laid out in the Constitution.

Now, imagine this package weren’t just someone’s pretty new saddle cover. Imagine if it were prescription medication. Imagine if it were a check with social security benefits. Imagine if it were something I vitally needed to survive. My husband is on medication that, were he to run out because of a mailing delay, would severely damage his health.

This is a long way around to saying: call your Congressional representative. It’s easy. It’s SO IMPORTANT right now. There are so many unbelievably fucked up things happening right now and this one is so simple, so universal, and so easy to get right. It needs to get fixed. NOW.

Find Your Representative

Contact Your Senator

How to have a productive conversation with your legislator’s office (guide from the Union of Concerned Scientists)



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