Tell me something good in your life

I don’t know why, but August feels like it’s just hit a wall for me. It could be that I’m just revving up to a new peak of burnout between house and work stuff, or maybe we’re at some tipping point with the pandemic (it feels like it should have been over but we know it’s about to ramp up again), or maybe it’s that the last few days I’ve caught a hint of fall smell in the air, but – whew, I’m done.

I’m hoping for a weekend of catch up with many of the small things that have fallen totally by the wayside over this past week, like riding my horse and walking my dog and some sewing projects and maybe some baking.

So, on this Friday, comment with something that’s going really well for you right now, even if it’s as small as making the perfect cup of tea or coffee this morning. (I say, as I enjoy a perfectly steeped cup of the fancy tea I brought back from Ireland.)

4 thoughts on “Tell me something good in your life

  1. I had really been wanting some Trones from Ikea for the tack shed renovation but the shipping was annoyingly expensive and we don’t have one nearby. My hairdresser knew I wanted some and he made a day trip there earlier this week for his birthday and he picked some up for me (and let me pay for the via Venmo lol) 🤩🤩🤩 I am so excited!!


  2. I’m right there with you. I’m so tired of everything. I have zero patience and tolerance left for people. This week a coworker who knows the rules had her mask under her nose for a good 20 minutes as she walked around the office. She wasn’t drinking coffee, she was just getting stuff done…our company has a strict mask policy for employees. I finally snapped. “D–, your mask is making me insane,” I said, as politely as I could, but by then I had just about had it. She was in a pissy mood the rest of the day. #sorrynotsorry #iamthemasknazi

    Anyway, GOOD THINGS!
    1. My canine rehab practitioner course: I am a long way from being finished, but it’s awesome to have my doctor and supervisor (both are teachers) both encouraging me to learn more and be more hands-on with the patients. I will be the equivalent of a nurse practitioner when I’m done, seeing my own appointments and creating my own rehab plans. I did my first full physical exam this week!
    2. Cycling, as noted in my most recent post.
    3. I’m both stressed and excited about the move. I was worried about the original mid-September date with covid numbers rising in our region, so it’s a relief to be moving sooner on that count.
    4. My training: I’m still doing the half bodybuilding, half powerlifting programing, but with my limited equipment I tend to lean heavier on the bodybuilding side and it’s starting to show on my body. Not complaining. 🙂
    5. The cats: they are so happy with the ocean of boxes in the house right now. Lol They love being able to climb up on them to be closer to our height for attention.


  3. Focusing on good is a (sorry for being cheeky, a good idea. While I could not ride all week due to the VERY high heat and VERY high humidity, I got a lot accomplished. I am so blessed to be able to work from home and have a job when some of my friends do not. I am grateful that my horse was so excited to see me(he is boarded at a small barn) that he galloped up the field to greet me me and my daughter at the gate. She was terrified (not a horse girl) and delighted at the same time.


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