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I’ve experimented a little bit lately with making my own gaiter-style face coverings, for times when I’m exercising and/or need to pull it up and down more regularly than a tied or elastic face mask. So far, I’m pretty happy with it! The fabric I like best is sweat-wicking and light enough to breathe through, but substantial and stretchy enough that I’m definitely not letting air “escape” around the sides.

I’ve still got a touch more experimentation to do with the stitching – I want to find a stitch/style that will let it flex just a touch more – and I think I’d make them just a smidge longer. They’re a decent fit for me but they were a bit small for my husband, who admittedly has an enormous head. I wore the one you see pictured to CrossFit on Wednesday and sweated A LOT into it while it was around my neck and it wicked away quite nicely. It never felt too hot or too constricting.

So, in light of that, I have two questions for you all!

How are you handling face coverings during athletic activities, like riding and working out? Are you wearing just a typical mask or do you have some kind of specialized solution?

If I were to make more of this style in some horsey patterns, is this something you’d buy? Right now, I could make and price them for $30 each in some patterns like the ones below.

11 thoughts on “Face coverings

  1. I use the gaiter style to run, walk the dogs, and ride. They’re required in DC to be worn outside too. So these have been lifesavers. I don’t like the stretchier fabric, though. That tends to get sucked up next to my face and up my nose/in my mouth. I’d love wicking fabric that has an elastic around the top where it goes over the nose. That would be amazing, so it stays up without suctioning to my face.


    1. That’s good feedback. I used mine a bit more last night during CrossFit and the fabric is loose enough that I never felt a suction effect. It was like you describe, elastic up top but draped lower. I will keep playing and making sure I can consistently get that effect!


  2. It’s very rural where I live so haven’t had to wear one much (since I’m always alone and thousands of feet from other people). But if I were to horse show during covid times, I would definitely want this style! I have a couple of the Mare Goods ones, but they are a little too big for me and don’t stay up well. Is it possibly to make them with a little draw string or elastic?
    Love the ribbon pattern! And the hunt scene one too!


    1. Yeah, I wear a mask in general far less often than most people, I think!

      The fabric has a fair bit of elastic and that effect is doubled around the nose. It stays up pretty darn well, I think. I’ll have a batch of them for people to test soon!


  3. I’ve started wearing the gaiter style at work. We have to wear them in public spaces and when someone else is around. I love how much easier it is to just pull up the gaiter than take a mask on and off. I can sweat a lot at work, depending on what I’m doing and what part of the super old building I’m in, so something that’s more wicking than what I currently have would be super! I like the ribbon pattern and the jump pattern.


  4. I like the hunt scene one, and actually the one on your face too! I’d probably buy both of those to try out that style of face covering. I have been wearing typical face masks with nose wires/ear loops. Something I could drop around my neck when I am outside and farther away from people but could pull up if needed sounds better in some cases than carrying a face mask.


    1. I bought that pattern purely to test but I love it too! I’ve made two of them for myself. I’ll probably list some in basic floral patterns and some in horse patterns when I get to it.

      The pull up, pull down is one of my favorite things. I can just slip it up when I feel a bit nervous or uncomfortable without it being a whole thing.


  5. As far as a mask for riding/barn time, I’m not required to wear one on a horse, just in the boarding barn and outside if I’m near others. My mom has been making regular masks which are pretty good, but I would love to try a neck gaiter for times when I have to wear one for a longer time period. At the away show I did my ears got pretty sore from the mask.
    I have seen that a lot of people want plain white ones for wearing in the show ring. Personally I do my mask and stick it in my breeches pocket when I ride, but it might be a popular item for you. I do like the patterns above but would be partial to a pattern that has little to no white in it since dirt finds me, lol.


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