House Post: Surprise New Stove

Well, this was a depressing time and money sink, but I’ll grant you the new stove does look very sharp.

Back up to two weeks ago: out of the blue, our oven stopped working. The burners still worked fine, but the oven was not heating up. I assumed it was the control board, which I’d already replaced about 18 months ago, and ordered a new one.

When the control board arrived, I pulled out the stove to replace it, and…

It was not the control board. Or more accurately…it was not entirely the control board. The wire attaching to the oven part of the control board had shorted and melted the plastic wiring harness. Which explained the funky smell I’d noticed the last couple of times I’d used the oven. (I assumed there was something burned to the bottom, because that’s how I roll.)

After a few hours spent doing research, I decided I didn’t feel confident enough in my repair skills to replace both the control board AND the wiring – or more accurately, I didn’t feel confident that the same problem would not happen again…or that it would be the safe and smart decision.

I did a bit of research, talked to a few friends, and boom, one of them emailed me the highlight email from our local Restore, where this brand new “scratch & dent” beauty was featured. I got the email at 7am on a Saturday and was there at 10am when the store opened.

In the meantime, I made pizza in the toaster oven and broke out the camping stove for tea. (With the oven hood fully on every time we used it.)

Then, blessed day, the new stove arrived! The nice people delivered it to my front porch and took the old stove while they were at it, and I managed to wrestle it inside by myself…to find that it had a four prong plug and I had a three prong outlet. SIGH.

Thankfully that was fairly quickly remedied with one last trip to the local electric store and a wiring diagram right on the back of the stove, and now we have a new stove!

2 thoughts on “House Post: Surprise New Stove

  1. I think you did very well with that – when I replaced my stove we wound up renovating the entire kitchen and also the bathroom adjacent. Good job preventing mission creep? Also good job with wires. I always assume electricity is above my pay grade.


  2. I had to accidentally get a new oven when we were replacing my counters. The old one fell over and the glass shattered. It wasn’t in the best of shape to begin with, so you know… new oven!
    Looks great, I bet you’re quite glad to have it replaced!


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