House Post: Yard Work Wrap Up

I am going to try to get into the swing of these, if only because maybe that will force me into some more work to show you?

I am really terrible at yard work and having a lawn, and one benefit to mostly being stuck home has been that I have had the time and opportunity to try and get a little better.

So here, an assortment of small projects.

First: cutting waaaaaay back on a rogue forsythia bush and then rucking up and replanting the soil around its former base so it’s part of the yard again. The grass seed has caught quite nicely.

Then, see that fence in the background? It edges the yard and delineates the drop off for a quite steep hill down to a back quarter-acre lot that we also own and let run totally feral. It was in really tough shape. So we got a post hole digger and re-set several pieces of it.

Oh, and I also raked the whole yard pretty obsessively and cleaned out and redefined the bed of perennials you can see in one of those photos.

I also was gifted many perennial plantings from a friend and pulled out some old granite edging I had salvaged from a work thing to try and claim another part of the yard. I have more work to do with this to weed and keep adding plants so it looks more finished, but it’s a start.

And last but not least we had a fairly epic job of weeding to clean out & plant various garden plots. No photos of planting because I left my phone inside but here’s my husband weeding the herb garden.

I fell victim to the run on garden stores this year, so we’ll see what I am able to get in the ground (I did not start seeds, which was dumb of me).

2 thoughts on “House Post: Yard Work Wrap Up

  1. Gardening/Yard work is a lot of work. Dandelion Acres in Bethel still had lots of starts when I was there last. Especially if you want tomatoes. I think they still had peppers and lettuces, plus plenty of herbs. That was a week ago, so things could have changed but they weren’t completely cleaned out.


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