The Waiting Game

I have written and deleted an awful lot of whiney posts this week.

The short version: Vermont allowed boarding barns to open up last Wednesday (5/6). My barn has not yet opened up.

One of the reasons I chose my barn was their neurotic attitude toward horse care. I have never, ever been disappointed in the way they take care of Tristan, and have not had a single concern or qualm about the way they have taken care of him during the lockdown.

Logically, that neuroticism has extended to our current situation. Vermont is only seeing one or two new cases per day, and is frequently one of the few states named as safe to open up when you read articles about the various measures for such things. We’re testing literally anyone who wants to get a test, even if you’re asymptomatic.

So it’s hard to know that the barn could be open but is not, but it’s also paired with the knowledge that I trust them deeply. That does not make things easier, but it is the familiar feeling of this whole awful thing: nothing is the way it should be, even simple things evoke great discomfort, and there are no good choices anymore.

Repost of us as BABIES thanks to Joan from Flatlands Foto

I was able to see Tristan for 15 minutes on Tuesday, my birthday. I got out of the car and called to him in his turnout and I am not really a person who anthropormorphizes animals but I am absolutely clear and certain that he came to high alert immediately – that high neck, nose-blowing alertness directly at me as soon as he heard my voice. So that was gratifying. I fed him an apple, which he was grumpy about (I should recount the saga of Tristan and apples someday; they are star-crossed frenemies, but it was all I had at home), and petted him for a little bit, and then he wandered off to nose away snow and eat spring grass.

I also have a meeting at the barn on Saturday to get training on safety protocols, with an eye to a soft opening and some riding time next week. I don’t know what either of those things look like yet, but I remain hopeful.

In the meantime, I am walking the dog, baking, sewing, and working out. Reading intermittently – I’m either completely engrossed or grumpy about whatever I’m reading. Not really watching TV a whole lot – it’s just not my preferred way of zoning out. Tinkering endlessly with my home office setup. Occasionally poking at the upstairs bathroom without any real motivation. I’m not ready to go back to work in person (honestly I’d work from home forever) but wow am I ready for the rest of my life to come back.

6 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. I’m glad you got to see him at least, and hopefully they’ll have the safety protocols sorted out soon so you can see him regularly ❤


  2. As our county here in NE Oregon is opening up (we already have tourist swarms), I’m very happy that Mocha is in rough board and has been put ALONE in a hill pasture where I can ride roads to my heart’s content and not deal with much traffic. She’s gotten too attached to her friend and while she’s fussy about the neighbor gelding, she’ll settle soon. Me, I’m just glad that I don’t have to use a lot of washing protocols like I was having to do when she was in rough board at the ranch (ranch owner feeds. Otherwise, I’m taking care of her. 24/7 pasture turnout.). Yeah, there weren’t many other people around, my tack and grain live at my home and are under my control, and everything is outside (arena, grooming, etc) with lots of social distancing space. But it’s much better to be the only one in and out of the field.


  3. aw happy birthday ❤ ❤ i'm glad you got to see Tristan, and relieved for you that you feel so secure and confident in his care even without being able to participate. that counts for a LOT (says someone who…. doesn't always feel the same security lol). still tho, i hope the training on new protocols goes well and that you guys get increasingly more (safe!) access to the ponies!


  4. I do think the horses know us and feel something similar to love. Shiny for sure recognizes me when I visit, and genuinely seems happy to have me in her presence. Pammon is so stoned, I’m not sure he knows who I am… poor dude.
    Anyway, I’m sorry they haven’t figured things out, but I am glad that it’s because they are careful and DO care. I have almost the opposite at my boarding barn. They take wonderful care of the horses and I really have no worries about that, but as far as Covid is concerned, I don’t think they’re careful at all. Which is why I’ve stayed away. I’ve purchased some additional grooming items, and will just keep things I use in my car when I go back. Limit touching anything that anyone else may touch. Best I can do. I hope you get some VERY MUCH NEEDED Tristan time in soon ❤


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