March Goals

My bad mood continues unabated, but I’ll do a goals review.

  1. Ride a First Level test at one of the two barn schooling shows – will there ever be horse shows again? STAY TUNED.
  2. Take notes (however brief) on every ride – I have actually done this! right up until I had to stop.
  3. Clean tack at least 1x a month – my tack has been home with me for three weeks now. Have I cleaned it? NOPE.
  4. Volunteer at 3 events – SEE ABOVE RE HORSE SHOWS
  5. Take 25 lessons – 12/25, I have taken a lot of lessons!
  6. *Reach goal: Go to Crossfit 100 times (or roughly 2x a week) for additional fitness – Ummmmmmm I was hitting 3-4 times a week so on track for this…and have done maybe 3x a week WODs since then…so I’m sort of on track for this but I have no idea of the exact number.



  1. Keep up with monthly expense/revenue tracking – not managing to stay on top of this, which is frustrating
  2. Maintain 100 listings in the Etsy store – this is proving harder than I expected; I can stay pretty stable around 85 but adding new listings is tough and I can often only keep pace to replace listings that get sold out
  3. Mustang gear goes live – ah, the best-laid plans, they are there, but…not done yet
  4. Sponsor 5 riders – I’ve sent out a bunch of emails
  5. Table at a horse show – HAHAHAHA OH YEAH HORSE SHOWS RIGHT THOSE.
  6. *Reach goal: Get to 1000 sales on Etsy – 652/1000, which is on track for this, and up from this time last year.



  1. Try 25 new recipes – dunno what my actual number is but I have made many, many new recipes during quarantine, let’s say this is 18 just for the heck of it.
  2. Try making: croissants, eclairs, cinnamon rolls – Sunday is reserved entirely for croissants, wish me luck.
  3. Declutter in February – uh I got halfway through and just…ran out of gas…so maybe I should focus on this a bit now that I am stuck home all day.
  4. Finish 5 craft projects – heyyyyyyy I finished one! I made my dog another bed for another room because she is spoiled rotten!
  5. Finish upstairs bathroom, front guest bedroom, and nook room – Upstairs bathroom is slowly crawling along, baby steps!
  6. *Reach goal: submit Morgan article for publication – yeah no.

2 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. ha same, my saddle has been in my junk room for 3 weeks now. ANd i am too lazy to bring the cleaning stuff back in from the garage. UGH….you have done alot more than me so be happy 🙂
    Yum crossaints. Good luck!!


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