House Post: Continuing Bathroom

Tile is gone! Good thing we pulled it too (I was briefly considering just adding a cheap plastic backing to get us up to the ceiling) because it was GLUED TO THE DRYWALL.



Anyway, it’s gone now, and today if I get off my ass I will be stripping the last of the wallpaper, washing the walls, and starting the skimcoat.

The plan for the area around the shower, then, is to mortar in a waterproof membrane as a new backer for the new tile. You know, waterproof. Like things around showers should be. FFS.

3 thoughts on “House Post: Continuing Bathroom

  1. You never know what you’ll find when remodeling… I did a floor in my small guest bathroom. And underneath the floor we pulled up was… another floor. And then three more layers of other floors. Lol.


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