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L. said it a little while ago: after bright resurgence (due, among other things, to the final collapse of LiveJournal)(damn, I miss LJ), horse blogging is starting to fade again.

I’ve been putting myself on a bit of a media diet, and have been trimming out dead blogs from my RSS reader, as well as a variety of things I just don’t need to be exposed to (I’m looking at you, Harvard Business Review).

But checking and reading blogs is still very much a part of my daily routine; trimming doesn’t mean I don’t want to read them, just that I want to focus on quality content that makes me think.

So, to that end: recommend a horse blog or two to me. What are you reading now? Whose blog should everyone be reading?

6 thoughts on “Blog Following

  1. I’ve enjoyed following Megan’s recent journey through the L Program: http://aenterspooking.blogspot.com

    Nadia just got back from a horse-centered trip in Ireland: https://3dayadventureswithhorses.wordpress.com

    I really love how Sara is finding her confidence again on Eeyore and enjoying her new venture into eventing: https://roaming-rider.com/

    Cathryn just brought home a new foal! She also has wonderful adventures on Annie in eventing, and Spud is the cutest little cart pony EVER. http://twoandahalfhorses.blogspot.com/


  2. I guess it is dependent on what you are trying to avoid in your media diet. I personally prefer authentic journey’s which don’t focus so much on buying and reviewing things, I do lovewhen they go to horse shows and clinics though so I can absorb lessons they are learning through their posts. I also really love discussions on theory so Megan’s blog A Enter Spooking is one of my faves (helps we are IRL friends too) and Jen CobJockey is also great.

    The 6 degrees project has a lot of links in it: http://suenostomanvuelo.blogspot.com/2019/10/project-complete-were-all-6-degrees.html

    And of course Emma’s blog (FraidyCatEvetning) sidebar has the most blogs (and active ones) of anything I’ve ever seen


  3. With my move from horse blogging to writing about non-horse personal subjects on a different blog, my own interests in blog reading material have shifted. That said, the few horse blogs I still follow are similar to L’s preferences: if a blogger starts doing too many reviews/talking about things she buys, I tend to unfollow. I like authenticity, honesty, and depth. The one horse blog that, for me, encompasses all of those qualities right now is Dom’s: http://harnessphoto.blogspot.com/ It’s still the one blog where I will read every single post. 🙂

    You didn’t ask, but when it comes to non-equestrian subjects, no one beats The Bloggess: http://www.thebloggess.com Jenny Lawson’s blog has made such an enormous difference in how I handle my own emotions and anxiety. She normalized so much of what makes me “me,” and I love her blog for that.


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