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L. said it a little while ago: after bright resurgence (due, among other things, to the final collapse of LiveJournal)(damn, I miss LJ), horse blogging is starting to fade again.

I’ve been putting myself on a bit of a media diet, and have been trimming out dead blogs from my RSS reader, as well as a variety of things I just don’t need to be exposed to (I’m looking at you, Harvard Business Review).

But checking and reading blogs is still very much a part of my daily routine; trimming doesn’t mean I don’t want to read them, just that I want to focus on quality content that makes me think.

So, to that end: recommend a horse blog or two to me. What are you reading now? Whose blog should everyone be reading?

4 thoughts on “Blog Following

  1. I guess it is dependent on what you are trying to avoid in your media diet. I personally prefer authentic journey’s which don’t focus so much on buying and reviewing things, I do lovewhen they go to horse shows and clinics though so I can absorb lessons they are learning through their posts. I also really love discussions on theory so Megan’s blog A Enter Spooking is one of my faves (helps we are IRL friends too) and Jen CobJockey is also great.

    The 6 degrees project has a lot of links in it: http://suenostomanvuelo.blogspot.com/2019/10/project-complete-were-all-6-degrees.html

    And of course Emma’s blog (FraidyCatEvetning) sidebar has the most blogs (and active ones) of anything I’ve ever seen


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