Lesson Revelations


I’ve been able to stack quite a few lessons recently, so here are a few good takeaways from recent ones.

  • if I feel like he needs more bend (especially to the left) what he probably needs instead is to have his haunches moved over and be traveling straighter
  • shoulder-fore to a turn on the diagonal, repeated in sequence for 5-6 times, is a great way to sharpen him up and get him lighter off his shoulders
  • to quote S., “both of your hands are too low when they’re on the inside, but your left hand is criminal.” so yeah.
  • in general, focus hard on hands closer together and higher up and more actively following, not buried in my lap waiting for, I dunno what, an imaginary down bank or something?
  • if he offers to break to canter when I’m asking for more in the trot, then ask for the exact same thing I’m asking for in the trot – forward, into the bit, and supple

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