Breed Logo Saddle Covers

Okay, I SWEAR I will do an actual blog update someday soon (short version – things are fine), but in the meantime: I’m looking for some ideas/help.

I’ve started adding breed logo saddle covers to my Etsy shop.

I’d like to keep adding them! But I hate making saddle covers without a home. The idea of making them just to photograph and then store feels like a waste.

So: is your horse registered with a particular breed registry? Do you want a custom fleece saddle cover with that registry’s brand/logo embroidered on the side? In any combination of colors?

American Trakehner Custom Fleece Saddle Cover for Dressage image 0

Let me know!

So far I’ve got Trakehner, American Trakehner, and Morgan.

But I’d love to find people with Hanoverian, Dutch, Oldenberg, Bavarian horses. If the breed has a logo and/or brand that people put on things, I want to offer it.

So hit me up. Comment here or email me at beljoeor[at]gmail[dot]com. It’s totally free to you – I just want to know what breed logo and what colors you want.

Small caveat: it’s first-come, first-serve, so if five people want Hanoverian ones then the first person to reach out gets it.

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