2019 Goals Update

Some actual progress in August!


  • Get to First Level – well, we’re officially not going to show at First Level this year, but I feel pretty good about more of the pieces now; I’ve been reading the tests and playing with some of the movements in our rides and we’ve got all the pieces, it’s just a question of putting them in a row. (Isn’t it always?)
  • Take 12 lessons – now at 11/12, with #12 already scheduled.
  • Volunteer at 6 events – 1/6, no more yet
  • Get & share 1 video per month of rides – got some video from August! It’s not great. It was a shit ride. But it is useful.


  • Finish house interior work – nothing in August, scheduled to pick back up in September
  • Finish funding emergency fund – DONE!
  • Pay off vision correction surgery – 92% done, going to try to stretch this to finish in September, we’ll see
  • Try 24 new recipes – Up to 22/24 with mango and grapefruit freezer jam the new ones!
  • Write 20k on Morgan book – 8k words written, and I have both made an initial commitment to write an article (!) and scheduled another talk for a group of experts that I’m sure will run me ragged but in a GOOD way (!!!)


  • Get to 500 sales on Etsy – 370/500 (honestly this was a helluva reach goal and I might actually make it???)
  • Separate website and social media for business
  • Take accounting class
  • Develop 3 new patterns – calling this done
  • Have a total of 7-10 items for sale – much less invested in this goal now, as it doesn’t seem to be the right path for the business right now

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