Blogger Secret Santa Reveal

This, truly, is one of my favorite things in all the land, and a legitimate reason to look forward to the holidays. Hats off to Tracy of The Printable Pony for working so hard to put the whole thing together. It’s such an awesome community service.

This year, my gift came from Nicole at Equinpilot, a blog I’ve followed for a while. If you don’t know it, go check it out! She has gorgeous Welsh cobs and does super cool things with them. And she does a foal pool every year that is a ton of fun to watch.

My gift was easily one of the most amazing gifts I’ve ever received in my life. I’m still kind of speechless and teary from it.

So, I’m going to present to you my gift in the order I unwrapped it, so you can get the full impact of it.

First: there was a packing list that was stinking adorable.


Then, this intriguing grooming tool that I can’t wait to try out. You sort of hold it together in your hand and use it like a curry tool.


There was also a treat sampler (SO CUTE!) and a really pretty leather bracelet.


Then I opened the last gift and I yelled so loudly and so inarticulately that my husband came running to ask me if I was okay. I was NOT okay.

Readers, I am still not okay.


It’s a cross-stitch portrat of Tristan. THREE portraits.

I am tearing up again writing this. It is SO AMAZING.


I’ve done a little bit of needlepoint in my life, enough to know how much work and talent went into this and I am just so, so so blown away.

I can’t even really articulate how special this is to me.



13 thoughts on “Blogger Secret Santa Reveal

  1. Ah, so glad it was worth the wait. Tristan did present some challenges due to his roan spots. And my sister worked her magic for his brand and the framing.


  2. OMG that cross-stitch is literally AMAZING!! So beautiful and captures Tristan so perfectly!! And of course, thanks again for participating 😀


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