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Equine Retirement Survey

September’s Finance Friday will be about equine retirement, and I’d like to gather a great deal more information than I have so far.

I’ve created a survey in Google Forms.

If you have ever retired a horse, or ever thought about or planned to retire a horse, could you go fill it out for me?

Could you also share it as widely as possible so I can get tons of responses?



Link to Equine Retirement Survey

3 thoughts on “Equine Retirement Survey

  1. I think the most difficult part of retirement is how to afford to maintain the retired horse while affording a new horse to be able to continue to ride. Especially if the horse was retired young so you didn’t really see it coming and start to plan for it.


  2. I’ll fill it out! I researched several options while trying to figure out what to do with my OTTB who was young, but unsound. I actually was able to send him back to his last owner, so didn’t end up doing it. But I did a fair amount of research. My other two are retired at my house. I had hoped to send them off to retire, unfortunately neither would be able to live out in a field with other horses anymore. Rio because of the epm. He’s not strong enough to thrive in a herd setting. And for Jamp, he foundered this spring, so he can’t go out and live on grass.


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