Palio di Siena

Did anyone read Marguerite Henry’s book Gaudenza, Pride of the Palio as kids?

Basically, the Palio is a race through the streets of Siena in Italy. Each neighborhood in the city sponsors a horse. The jockeys ride bareback.

Well, then, enjoy this real-life look at the Palio of Siena. (There is a crash at the beginning that I understand is not typical, and everyone bounces up, just as an FYI.)

4 thoughts on “Palio di Siena

  1. Of course I read it! I was watching the video, thinking it was not as bad as I expected, and then that super corner came up and then there was another one, and then I remembered they had to go three times around… that was pretty exciting, thank you! One day I will go there…


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