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Weekly Blog Roundup for January 6, 2018

Welcome to the first blog roundup of 2018!

I would be remiss if I did not start by saying that I’ve added a number of new things to my Etsy shop, and will be adding even more in the next few days such as the lovely bag below.


Thoughts on Art2Ride from The Exquisite Equine
I had never heard of this system, which sounds interesting.

Nashville from The Roaming Rider

2017 Equine Expenditures from Hand Gallop
Useful information & good analysis.

Bobby’s #BestNine2017 from Poor Woman Showing

Living with Horses in the City from Horses and Heels
This post broke my brain.

Teaching “flying” lead changes from Wyvern Oaks
Thinky and practical.

Keeping My Day Job from A Enter Spooking
Congratulations to an awesome blogger and please check this out & consider her if you’re looking for a clinic!

That Time Stan Joined the Army from In Omnia Paratus
This was officially the coolest thing on the horse internet this week.

Paging my blogger friends from Contact
This is an absolutely lovely idea; please go give her feedback. (Creating a regional scholarship.)

Waiting To Ride? A Lesson for A Plus Sized Equestrian from If the Saddle Fits
YES x1000.

don’t believe the hype: too cold to ride? from ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing
One POV on the evergreen debate about winter riding.

Dr. Yates on “How Cold is Too Cold to Ride?” from Cob Jockey
And another POV! Both valuable, both sensible, and not opposed to each other – just different facets of the conversation.

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