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Weekly Blog Roundup: Saturday, December 9, 2017

I added a bunch of new bags to the Etsy store this week, so go check them out! Here’s this week’s featured product.

Adventures in Riding Racehorses from A Collection of Madcap Escapades
This was a) awesome and b) informative, with lots of background about position and training while galloping racehorses. No way do I have the guts for this but man, it looks like fun.

Product Review: SmartWool Women’s Merino Midweight Pattern 1/4 Zip Top from Cob Jockey
I am ALL ABOUT the merino quarter zips this winter, and already had this on my Christmas list. Now I’m twice as excited for it.

DIY How to Make an Equestrian Surcingle Belt from DIY Horse Ownership
I might try this soon, that came out super cute!

Day 2 of a Forward Pony from Pony Express

What to wear foxhunting from Hand Gallop
Foxhunting is where the show ring got a lot of its specific rules, so it makes sense that there are careful rules about what to wear when!

Viva Carlos Book Review: On Horsemanship from Viva Carlos
I love this book, and this is a great review.

Mind your Manners from Poor Woman Showing
Good manners in young horses is exceptionally important.

The Most Wonderful Time of Year from Clover Ledge Farm
I do have a soft spot for barn Christmas decorations.

On Rejection and Moving Pig from Guinness on Tap
I’m struck by how thoughtful and honest this post is about the process of retiring a horse.

Feed Review: Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed from Journey to 100 Miles
My barn is feeding this now to some horses, and while it’s not an option for Tristan (he of the Cushings diet) I was interested to read this.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Blog Roundup: Saturday, December 9, 2017

  1. That review on the Crypto Aero feed was really interesting! I keep seeing such mixed reviews on it on fb it was nice to see a trusted, honest report.


    1. I think it has a dumb name, and so while intellectually I trust my trainer and I’m sure they made a good call when they started feeding it, emotionally I’ve been kind of rolling my eyes. Which makes me wicked mature, I know.


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