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Finance Fridays in 2018: Any Interest?

I’m thinking about setting up a very loose ongoing blog hop in 2018 centered around finances.

The goal would be to ask everyone to articulate and commit to a horse-related financial goal for 2018 – big or small, specific or general, savings or spending. Maybe you need a better emergency fund. Maybe you are paying off vet bills . Maybe you need to buy a new pair of tall boots. Mayyyyyybe you are doing all three. (Ummmm…)

Then we’d all together come up with obstacles in the way of that goal: budgeting, extra income, finding the right item to buy, etc.

Continuing posts in the series would tackle some ways to solve that problem – they could be crowd-sourced, or guest-written, or written by myself.

Each month, I’d post a check-in post for everyone to comment on so we can see where we’re going and how much we’ve achieved.

The idea is it would be joint accountability and support.

Does that sound interesting/useful for people?

Please chime in via the poll below so I can gauge interest. (If you can’t see it via your blog aggregator, there is a poll; please click through to answer it!)

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