How do you price used tack?

I’m helping to organize a big used tack sale at the barn – we’re selling table spots for anyone who wants to come to help benefit the equestrian team at the local university that rides out of our barn. At the end of the day, we’ll collect any tack that people don’t want to take home and donate it to some local horse rescues.

I’m looking forward to it. Organizing this sort of event is right in my wheelhouse, both by professional training and personal inclination, and I have spent some quality time cleaning out my own old tack to see what I can unload. I’ve also been making some horsey craft items that I hope will go over well.

I now have an entire tupperware filled with various things I am fine with selling, from breeches to tack to sheets and more. It ranges from fair (good quality & well-loved in decent condition) to brand new & never used. (I finally gave up on the open front leather boots I bought many years ago and have never even taken out of the packaging, much less put on Tristan’s legs. sigh.)

Now I’m in a bit of a conundrum.

How do I price this? I have some gut sense of what I’d pay for it in a consignment shop, and a very vague sense of what I’ve seen similar items priced for online. But I’m pretty far from a savvy consumer of tack, and personally kind of a cheapskate. I’m still trying to pay down vet bills from Tristan and the dog’s fun July, so I need to come away from this with some money. I want to assess a fair price on things but I also need to sell it.

Have you ever done anything like this? How do you decide how to price items – pure whim? actual research on comparatives? some combination of both?

Any advice appreciated!

4 thoughts on “How do you price used tack?

  1. For most used tack, I tend to start with half of what it goes for new and adjust a little up or down if needed based on condition. At tack sales, I tend to want to SELL ALL THE THINGS, so don't overprice my stuff LOL! Good luck!!


  2. I try to look up what people are selling them for used on eBay or Facebook and price around there. Depending on the crazy factor though. Some people think their used stuff is worth way too much. I am usually more interested in a quick sale than making the top $ so I'll price cheaper to get the things out of my dining room.


  3. It depends on the item, some blankets can keep a decent value (bought a fly sheet for $140 and sold it for $100) but many of the smaller things I priced based on what I've seen similar items for online. That being said I moderate a local FB tack sale group, so I stay pretty on top of current pricing.


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