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Meet Arya from The Feral Red Horse
Obviously I’m biased in favor of the name, but this is a lovely mare and I’m excited to see where she goes.

OTTBS for Science from ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing
I can’t be the only one who always wants to put an exclamation point after science!, right?

Um, anyway. This is a super cool project and I can’t wait to hear results.

Barn Dogs from The Owls Approve
I have more or less given up on making my own dog a barn dog but I live in hope, and in the meantime avidly read posts like this one, about the process of making barn dogs.

Into the land of shiny big belt buckles: PONY’TUDE goes Western from PONY’TUDE
This is a foreign country to me and I am baffled and fascinated.

Four from Pony Express
This post makes me think simultaneously “this is so cool! it’s so much fun to see horses grow up to be awesome” and also “fuck, I’m old.”

Resistol RideSafe Helmet Review & Giveaway from Saddle Seeks Horse
It’s about time the Western disciplines started getting helmet-savvy. I hope this takes off.

Big Star Offspring @ Bolesworth from Equestrian at Hart
I always enjoy breeding tracking posts like this because it’s a world I know nothing about. I’ve known some very fancily-bred horses but my own is obviously a bargain basement mutt.

2017 Show Gear from The $900 Facebook Pony
The subtitle of this weekly blog roundup might as well be “no gear post left unlinked.”

5 Things I’ve Learned Owning a Small Farm from Hand Gallop
I know the work is neverending, but this is still the dream.

Reconsidering Pentosan from Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management
I’ve had Tristan on Pentosan for a few years with good results, and this is a good research roundup & review of the thought process of starting Pentosan.

Costs of keeping horses at home vs. boarding horses from Hand Gallop
I love this kind of granular detail. It really makes me want horses at home now.

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