blog roundup

Weekly Blog Roundup

Jumping in the fray: bits and dressage, a story of development and principle from Guinness on Tap
This is flat-out spectacular. Well-written, well-sourced, and well-argued.

Baseline gaits from A Enter Spooking
Good thinking about how a horse with bad gaits makes upper level work harder.

Endurance Essentials Web-Based Course from Endurance Introspection
This looks COOL.

Tornado from She Moved to Texas
Extraordinary and awful – I’m so glad everyone is ok. Lauren also does a nice job of putting everything in perspective, too.

When should I clip my horse? from If the Saddle Fits
This is something I’ve struggled with and still think about a lot.

Horsepower: Getting Energy Under Saddle, When and Where You Want It from Trafalgar Square Books

Terrific illustrations and descriptions of energy under saddle – something I’ve been working on a lot lately
And a non-horsey read: Handling the Long Valley, from The Simple Dollar. I read personal finance blogs & websites on a pretty regular basis, as a way to keep myself focused on my own personal finance goals and try to have a healthy relationship with money. I like The Simple Dollar, and I liked this essay in particular, about staying focused on goals even in the period of time when it feels like you aren’t making great progress.

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