blog roundup

Weekly Blog Roundup

Valentine’s Day Contest from DIY Horse Ownership
Go and enter to win cool prizes!

Busy Mind vs Thinking Mind from Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management
An incredibly thoughtful reflection on the different types of horse brains. Tris is definitely a thinker: slow to react, but committed once he does.

Nevertheless, She Persisted… from A Work in Progress
These are hilarious and I so hope this becomes a thing.

Weekly non-horsey read: Autonomy & Domestic Dogs. My dog, Arya, while wonderful in many ways, may never go off-leash. She is lightning fast, very sensitive, and her recall is mediocre to poor. I’ve never had a dog that couldn’t be off-leash before, and I’m so jealous of all of you who can just count on your dogs to stay with you. The handful of times Arya has slipped her leash, she has sprinted for the hills before I could even blink or draw breath. Reading that article made me think about the ways I’m failing her in letting her control her own environment and life despite her inability to go off-leash. I’m upgrading our planned yard fencing in project for this summer.

One thought on “Weekly Blog Roundup

  1. Thanks for the last link! I've never achieved recall with my jrt, which I partially blame on getting her at six months with zero training – but still… When she escapes she will often disappear until she damn well feels like coming back. It's always been a source of frustration, regret and disappointment to me…


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