ISO: Breeches that fit correctly!

I’m calling it. I’m finally giving up on Smartpak’s Pipers.

I wanted so badly to like them. I really did. And they are fine in the saddle! But I can’t walk 10 feet without them sagging so badly I have to hold them up. Wearing a bet helps. Wearing the long version helps. But nothing fixes it. I walk around the barn with one hand on the waistband and even then have to yank up awkwardly on a regular basis.
I think at least part of it is my build. I am not skinny, and I am built to hold my weight in my hips and ass. I have a very long torso. So though I could take a smaller size based on waist, I am often more comfortable in a 30 or 32. But even the older 26 pairs I pull out occasionally don’t sag as badly as the Pipers.
So, Internet, I turn to you.
I did buy a pair of the cheap Horze “Active” breeches through Riding Warehouse a few weeks ago, and they fit like a dream – but have other very undesirable qualities. Namely, Velcro at the ankle and no actual knee patches, just a double layer of fabric.
So I ask you, Internet: please help!
Must have: good fit through the ass, priced $50-$75, sock ankles
Nice to have: euro cut, good colors, sits just below belly button (old surgery scar on my belly button itself hurts if rubbed)
Please help?

6 thoughts on “ISO: Breeches that fit correctly!

  1. I would go see if you can ebay a pair of Tailored Sportsman, though my shape is different than yours and I really like the way they fit, but I know other people at my barn who are more the same shape as you also have them fit nicely.


  2. Yup, Tailored Sportsman would be a good one to try, as well as Dover's new-ish Riding Sport “Empire” line, which retail I think for $80. I have the same build as you, and the Pipers did NOT work for me at all, either. My favorites are the Ariat Olympia, which I stalk EBay and clearance sales for because they are over $200, but I have several pairs and they fit beautifully and wear like iron.


  3. I'll throw in an odd option. Buy something that fits your hard to fit areas (hips and butt if I read this right), and then have them tailored to fit the other areas (waist). You can often get pants tailored for <20$ if it's just an easy waist fix. Obvious buy pants that have the sock lining and knee patches to start, but the waist thing can be fixed pretty easily.


  4. Try the Horze Grand Prixs – the fabric is nice and they have real knee patches and sock bottoms. They fit me well (I'm built similarly to you). They're a little more than you want to spend, but Horze usually has a coupon or sale going (I can keep an eye out for you!). I have an older style pair with the Velcro bottoms that have worn really well.


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