Cold is cumulative

Maybe it doesn’t work this way for other people. Lucky you.

We had our first true cold snap of the winter this past weekend.

Yeah. That’s actual temp, by the by. Wind chill was much closer to -40.
We’ve been lucky so far, I am not going to dispute that.
But it seems like once the cold settles in my bones, like it did this weekend, it takes a long time to dislodge. I need more layers. I need to psych myself up much more before heading outside.
And so, I find myself, two days later, on a dramatically warmer day (it wil hit the 40s this afternoon!), shivering underneath blankets and doing house chores instead of getting my ass to the barn.
Hopefully this wears off, but I am not liking even the little taste of true winter that we got.

5 thoughts on “Cold is cumulative

  1. I don't think I could deal with this. I used to be better about the cold, but never loved it. Now that I've lived in CA for 5 years I have lost all ability to deal with the cold. It's gets to 50 and I need a coat. I hate heat too though. It was 79 degrees yesterday in February and I fear for the summer.


  2. I'm the opposite. After our weekend of double digit negatives, Monday's 12* felt like summer, and today's 30* needs nothing more than a sweatshirt to go outside.


  3. My body works like Carly's (which honestly never ceases to surprise me, considering the hot winterless climates I come from): 2 weekends ago, we spent pretty much our entire 3 days outdoors in 30-40 degree humid weather and I was so done with the cold: we were miserable! And then this past weekend, Saturday was in single digit negatives…which meant on Sunday I went for a ride in 22 degree weather that felt positively balmy. Today I walked out of the house at 6:00 am in freezing rain with only a fleece on over my scrubs because it felt so warm by comparison. Crazy.


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